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FAQs of Yewno Discover

Content Discoverable

Will users be directed to the library website in the event that the result produces paid-for content?

This depends on your set-up. If you have a link resolver, the user will be directed to your ILL or preferred location.

Does Discover contain duplicate information?

Our result list contains snippets from documents appropriate to the search. Multiple snippets may come from the same documents, but they are not duplicates. Where we receive the same document from multiple content providers we de-dupe this in the results but allow users to select from all the providers should they chose to go to the full text.

Is remote access supported?

Yewno supports remote access, but this depends on your library's set up. Please check with your library.

Are all search results in English? Are there results from other languages?

We currently have results in English, Chinese and German.

What subjects can I expect to find?

Yewno has over 5 million concepts and more than a billion connections. We cover all academic subjects.

How are you different from the library’s databases?

We search by Concepts, which are displayed in a Knowledge graph, not by Keyword or Natural Language Query. We search beyond what is expected and open new doors.

Do you direct traffic to certain publications?

No, we do not direct traffic to certain publications. We unique in that we are publisher-neutral and our ranking of content is unbiased.

We want to contribute content. How should we deliver it and what format does it need to be in?

Please contact and we would be delighted to share a list of compatible formats.

Is content in Yewno linked to our library catalog?

That depends on your library's set up. Please check with library staff.

Where can I find citations for my sources?

Citation information is available at the Document level - you favorite an article or a document, then export it in RIS or CSV to your favorite Citation program.

UI and Knowledge Map Interaction

How can I view my search history or go back to a previous search?

You can view your search history by clicking on the Journey Icon (Footsteps) or by clicking on Search again

How do I print or save a Yewno graph?

Take a snapshot your graph using the camera icon, retrieve the snapshot from the Journey, select it and export it to Google Docs, where you can print it.

How does the system decide how many nodes to display?

The default is to display the top 25 results. The slider bar allows you to reduce that number to the very strongest concepts or to expand it to see all the results.

Is there a mobile app?

We are working on a design for a mobile app. Please contact us if you're interested in getting updates.

Set up and Access

What’s your accessibility policy?

Yewno is committed to meeting international accessibility standards including Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act and W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (2.0 and 2.1 AA). There is one exception: WCAG 2.1 AA, 1.3.4 Guideline: Orientation, which relates to mobile phones. The product uses artificial intelligence to visualize a knowledge graph and show concepts and their connections. The design of this knowledge graph, which is an integral part of the product, is complex and intricate and cannot be displayed on a mobile handset as its size renders the design unusable. Please contact for a copy of our compliance.

Are my searches private? Is anyone looking at my search requests or results?

Your searches are private. Usage statistics are captured anonymously so you can see the aggregate by institution but not track back to an individual.

What are the system requirements for using Yewno?

Yewno's preferred web browser is the current plus one previous version of Chrome, although we work with Firefox and Safari as well. We are compatible with the later versions of IE

Do I need a password to use Yewno?

Access in the library is generally openly available although you will need to be on site or logged in. Please check with library staff about login access.

Does your site use cookies?

Yewno Discover does not use cookie

How do I set up IP authentication for my institution?

Please contact for ip and other authentication requirements.

About Yewno

Can you explain briefly how Yewno Discover works?

You enter a search term into the searchbox and select the concept you wish to explore further from the Knowledge Graph. A graph visualisation will render and if you are interested in document discovery details are provided in the form of snippets which can be exported and printed.


Will we have access to Yewno metrics?

Yes, Yewno has metrics available. Please contact for details.

How do we know our content is getting viewed?

Your content usage will be tracked in the metrics reports.